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Tailored Workshops

A couple of days can’t turn anyone in business into a master (period)

Seminars and lectures are a waste of time and budget. Theoretical workshops are informative but forgetful. Our learning-by-doing tailored workshops create a common platform of understanding and communication for the team members to start their collaborative development journeys.

Strategic brand definition workshop

Any business that’s been sustainably profitable has done so mainly because of its defined brand. If we asked 10 directors from your team to define your brand now, we’d likely get 6 to 10 different answers. And that’s a problem. When your vision is not accurately shared across the entire team, what you say comes across as meaningless—or worse.

In this one-day interactive, guided learning experience you’ll:
Define what your brand really stands for
Craft a provable brand promise
Design a roadmap to get there

So you can:
Provide clarity of direction for your organisation
Differentiate yourself as a brand and an employer
Build a sustainable structure that will stand the test of time

Customer experience mapping workshop

Practical, structured, and measurable approach for retaining ideal customers and employees.

Because experience influences the attitudes that drive behaviours that deliver results. Because research shows any improving customer experience can improve revenue.

Journey mapping requires broad view, operational input, commercial alignment and strategic vision. If only your marketing team attends, it won’t work. This isn’t about just marketing, customer service, or even finance. This is about everyone. This is about whole companies understanding the same ground rules and sharing the insights.

In this one-day interactive, guided learning experience you’ll:
Define CX and learn 4 core competencies
Set your CX building blocks
Design your CX roadmap

So you can:
Understand the role CX has on profits
Increase employee and customer loyalty
Create a sustainable competitive advantage

Action sheet workshop

Practical, structured, and measurable approach for retaining ideal customers Learn to write and review one-page annual plans that actually make a difference.

Why one page? Because anything else is too long. Trust us.

Most companies make plans because they want better results. Plans are blueprints. They describe what’s going to be built. Why. When. How. And, most importantly, the results to measure.

Often, though, organisations make the mistake of writing their plans as if they were publishing a book. Endless pages. Pet projects. Useless asides. These are easy to ignore.

We’ll help you distil your core values and goals down to one highly-actionable impossible-to-forget page.

Art of persuasion workshop

Learn the Top 10 ways to convince employees, customers, collaborators, and even friends and family.

Without persuasion, there’s no progress.

Persuasion is an art. We’ll help you make your masterpiece.

It’s not what we say. But how we say it. How a message is shaped, how artfully it is crafted, makes or breaks the success. Now’s the time to learn how to make an offer that can’t be refused.

In this one-day interactive, guided learning experience you’ll:
Differentiate between persuasion, manipulation, and selling
Learn 10 obstacles and 10 persuasion styles
Understand learnings and best practices from local and global examples

So you can:
Understand the nature and importance of persuasion
Implement practical and effective persuasive tools and techniques
Make an offer that can’t be refused

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