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Strategic Business Therapy

The most practical approach to one-to-one consultation.

You don’t always need an adviser around day-in and day-out.

Sometimes you just want to talk through a problem. That’s why we started our strategic business therapy (SBT) sessions. You can book one hour when you need guidance, a second opinion, or some perspective on a particular situation. You can book as many or as few sessions a you need. They’re always one-to-one and private. And because you have a busy schedule, SBTs can be set-up online via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts or at our Salmiya office in Kuwait, or at selected locations in London.

No matter how you book, you will come away with clear advice and actionable insight. In fact, we believe in the SBTs so much, we even do the first one for free. So you can experience all of the benefit without of the risk.


Book an SBT to see how we can help your company gain clarity.