Two cents: promo in wonderland

Almost for the entire retail market, summer season means sale, discounts and promotions. The financial crisis forced us to lower our prices below the norm. We can’t afford to go lower one more time. And if we don’t, competition will. We’re stuck. What do you think? Once upon a time, there was one grocery store…

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Two cents: behind the sales

Can Sales Executives work better and reach their targets if they’re paid only salaries and not incentives or commissions? Years of research by many international professional organizations and universities show that incentives are usually offered in two areas: physical and mental performances. In physical jobs, like farming or construction, offering the employees extra cash on…

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Two cents: the employee wears Prada

HR gave me a written notice about my attire for being too casual. There’s nothing in their policy that talks about what clothes to wear at work. Why should I listen to them? Oh, Dior! Someone call the Fashion Police. You could be the person to win the Most Fashionable Employee of the Year award,…

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