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New Customers & Profitability

How do we find more customers?

Ah, such a simple question. So many different answers. You could enter a new market by expanding regionally. Or focus more on new customer base. Maybe introduce new products or services to attract new attention. You might want to improve your customer experience to create brand evangelists. Lots of options. But which way will help you find the most customers?

How can we be more profitable?

Well, there are 20 profit-generating models. But which one is right for you? The road to real and sustainable profitability lies in deeply understanding the customer. The kicker is that 81% of companies say they know who their key customers are and what they truly need and want, but only 37% of consumers say their favourite retailer understands them (IBM Commerce).

Our competition keeps doing promos. How can we beat them?

Most retail companies in Kuwait are like dominos. One company does a promo and the rest follows suit. If you run a prom because your competition is, we have news for you: You aren’t running your company—they are. It might feel uncomfortable to take a different path sometimes, but if done right, it’s far more beneficial. There are about nine different ways of running promos and the Kuwaiti market uses only about three or four of them. You can do much better.

Let's find them together.