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Building the Brand

What’s the big deal about having a brand vision?

If someone told you drive, chances are your first question will be, “Where should I go?”. And most likely, the next thing you would want to know is the reason why you’re going there. Humans need to understand the context. They crave it. They thrive off it. But just having a vision is not enough—it must be shared freely and openly with everyone at the organization.

How can we (re)define our brand?

In brand building, there’s a roadmap that guides you to defined milestones. Everything from the big business idea to the customer experiences journeys. If you’re thinking, Yes, but this is a bit theoretical, please remember that we’ve been in the Kuwaiti market since 1995 and we’ve witnessed companies that made money, but eventually, they shut down or never grew to their true potential. Bottomline: You can’t stand out from others without first figuring out who you are.

How do we know if our brand offers a positive customer experience?

Break down the actions a customer makes from the start of wanting or needing your product or service all the way through using and recommending it. See if you can spot any strong areas that leave customers delighted and gaps that leave them in pain. This is called customer experience journey mapping. Walk in their shoes. Be customer and see how it feels. Alternatively, you can observe customers at your business or on your website and see how they feel. Watch out for the nonverbal expressions (facial gestures and body language) more than the words they say because they are more natural.

Let’s build for the long term.