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Our style is collaborative by design.



On focus

Being an outsider to any business we work with gives us an edge because we are not biased, have no stake in the structure, no internal motives, and most importantly, we can see things clearer from a distance with the ability to zoom in and out quite easily. This set of fresh eyes adds more value to clients’ plans and helps their teams deliver better results.

On training

Most short workshops are insufficient to turn attendees to experts. We view workshops as enlightening and inspiring opportunities that can help teams have more common grounds and shared value to collectively start making the right improvements.

On consultation

Nobody needs an adviser every day of the month. That’s why we started in 2008 our strategic business therapy [SBT] sessions. Clients can book one hour when they need guidance, a second opinion, or information on any of the areas above. They can book as many or as little they need. It’s one-to-one, private, and can be setup face-to-face online using Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts, or at our Salmiya office in Kuwait.


On implementation

Good consultants do great work for clients. Great consultants guide clients on how to do great work themselves so they can independently grow.

We belong to the second school of thought.

We have particular approaches about many topics in business that we think are the right ways to do things, but by working with knightscapital we end up understanding things differently

Jihane Bou Hamdan, Chief Finance Officer, Al Babtain Group