Two cents: where’s my money, blog?

When I started my blog a few years ago, I thought it could be a great tool to financial independence. After many years that included sleepless nights, the generated revenue from Pay Per Click advertising is too low to pay for anything. I read about many bloggers that are making big money. Is making money from blogs just a gimmick?

Blogs are tricky. While most of the top blogs as ranked by Technorati fall under politics, news, technology and gadgets, you’ll find some generic social blogs that offer variety of content. So, is there a winning formula? Yes, don’t look for one. Having said that, there are few essentials that you need to know and work by. First, the key to a successful blog is to write from the heart. You will enjoy the experience, which will reflect on your posts and on your readers accordingly. Second, if your blog attracts segments of people that are attractive to promote to advertisers, consider annual advertising contracts instead of Pay Per Click since you don’t have the volume. Just make sure that your content doesn’t end up promoting or criticizing the advertisers not to lose your integrity.

Third, contrary to many advices out there, don’t worry so much about marketing your blog. If your content is different and is worth promoting, the public will spread it on your behalf. Finally, stand out. Blogs that write about food, politics, and other popular topics are common. But if that’s where your passion is, then make your style pop. Otherwise, you’re not giving readers a reason to become loyal. Of course, you need to keep it real; if you’re blogging about what social humiliation of slow ants might be like, don’t expect to be ranked one of the top ten very soon…and that’s just my two cents.