Two cents: a party with no customers

People in this market are lazy. We invite customers and consumers to attend our products launches but they don’t show up. What can we do to get some attention?

We all read about the same boring corporate releases about a product launch or a new promo event. We all see the pictures that accompany these articles. You know, the ones with some executive management cutting a ribbon, pulling a fabric away to reveal the product, or my favorite, using flashing lights and smoke machines. Hurray! And we wonder why customers lose interest in attending or why the press is not eager about the event! How can anyone get energized about such events, seriously?

The first step towards exciting the public to attend an event is to have an exciting event. Let go of all the used and abused ideas. Get creative. If you don’t know how, ask a group of some newly hired young employees – even if they were from different departments – to create a taskforce and brainstorm for the launch. Fresh minds can add great value. This is a good alternative if you can’t hire a professional event management company – underline the word ‘professional’. The second step to increase attendance is to create interest and excitement in the way you promote the event and in the way you invite your audience. If you’re not excited about it, why should they? How do you know if you’re coming up with different ideas? If whatever concept you come with has been done before, it should be left alone…and that’s just my two cents.